11-394-452    Biohazard Touch Free Automatic Waste Can 7.3 gallon – ( 4 D batteries, not included )
The Scienceware® Touch Free™ Automatic Waste Can features a top-mounted lid that opens and closes automatically, safeguarding users from exposure or contact with waste of any kind -biological/biohazard materials, paper trash, or recyclables that may be discarded in the waste receptacle. The Scienceware® Touch Free™ Automatic Waste Can detects the motion of a hand or object near the receptacle lid and opens the lid to accept waste. Once the waste is put into the receptacle, the lid closes automatically. The lip of the lid is designed to fit into a groove that helps to reduce odor and airborne contamination. Four (4) D-batteries (not included) will provide approximately 4,000 openings for this ruggedly built waste receptacle. An on-off switch deactivates the auto-open/close function.  Each should be lined with biohazard disposal bags or standard, commercially available trash bags can also be used for disposing of paper trash or recyclables.
* Protects user from contact with hazardous waste
* On-off switch can deactivate the auto open/close function