PSL-0344      Masson’s Trichrome Stain Kit      

This Stain is used to differentially stain collagen and smooth muscle. Cytoplasm and muscle fibers stain red. Collagen stains blue and nuclei stain black. 

Components:   308A-4 – 1% Acetic Acid

                          410A-4 – Acidic Aniline Blue

                          110A-4 – Biebrich Scarlet/Acid Fuchsine

                          456A-4 – Bouin’s Fixative

                          6201-4 – Weigert’s Hematoxylin A

                         6206A-4  Weigert’s Hematoxylin B

                         726A-4 – Phosphomolybdate/phosphotungstate