TT-6195  Pint   –  Tissue Tite is a subbing solution designed to promote adherence of tissue sections to glass slides. It is simply added to the water bath where it inhances adhesion of paraffin section to the glass surface of slides. No blue background is formed by the hematoxylin staining of solution components remaining on the slides. Tissue Tite is specially formulated to be used on glass slides without pretreatment and for use with microwave drying of sections on slides. It also works well with traditional methods of drying tissue sections in 60°C ovens. Tissue Tite is the solution for you to use routinely to adhere your tissue sections to untreated glass slides to be dried by microwave or 60¼C oven.


– Procedure –

Add 4mL of StickTite™ to 1000mL of water, gently agitate.
Add water to waterbath, use as normal.
Replace once per day, or as you refill waterbath.
No special handling is needed.