The PrepStation™


Two Air Processing Options:  Ductless recirculated air OR connect to facility exhaust system

• Fume enclosure – safety feature to enhance fume containment

• Three fluorescent under shelf lights, individually controlled

• Adjustable speed control for fume extraction

• Manually adjustable leveling feet

• Two duplex electrical receptacles, GFCI safety protected

• Cutting board • Hand sprayer • Faucet

• 99% efficient charcoal/potassium permanganate filter

DURABILITY: The PrepStation™ is composed of a high density plastic polymer, resistant to oxidizers, alkalines, hydrocarbon isomers, alcohols, ethers, glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde.

PrepStation™ has no metal surfaces that will rust or oxidize. The density and thickness of construction can withstand high loads of weight and impact without denting or scratching.

DESIGN: The PrepStation™ design provides downdraft ventilation in the workbench. Faucet and drain are centrally located with a pull out spray faucet. Eye level shelves for easy access to tools, chemicals or bottles. Fluorescent encapsulated lighting allows for illumination of shelf spaces and workbench. Each light is protected from spills and contamination from biological waste.

The PrepStation™ dimensions allow the incorporation into small or tight spaces. Adjustable feet to level the station are standard.

VENTILATION: The PrepStation™ comes with a standard internal exhaust system. The internal exhaust system circulates through a factory installed filter manifold. The filter manifold is designed to be easily removed to replace with fresh filters. The exhaust ductwork is designed to be connected to any on-site ventilation system. The exhaust system offers ventilation for a safe work environment against toxic vapors such as formaldehyde and ethanol.

PLUMBING: The PrepStation™ engineers designed the unit to be configured for a variety of plumbing options during installation. The PrepStation™ can be, in most cases, connected immediately to any configuration of water or drainage connections. If you have a special plumbing requirement or connection please advise our representatives.

Comes in 3 sizes:  30″,  36″ &  48″