FAN-55             Fan Pad  Mini 11″ x 10″ Sheet,  330 Sheets – 6 Rolls/Case.
FAN PAD GL™ formalin neutralizing pads, Super
absorbent pads, specially treated with Formalex for the ultimate
destruction of formaldehyde, 10% formalin and glutaraldehyde
solutions and eliminate their hazardous vapors. Available in
three sizes. Effective moist or dry and perfect for use in: Histology,
Pathology, Dermatology, Operating Rooms and Research
Labs. Excellent for vapor controlany where formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde are
used or stored. NASA’s two-year study found the FAN PAD
GL™ to be the safest, most effective method of controlling the air quality associated with
formalin during formalin fixed specimen analysis on the 1998 Columbia Shuttle. STS-90

FAN PAD GL™ is a registered Trademark of S&S Co. of Georgia,